Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Trio of images showing a woman inserting ClearCorrect aligners one of the alternatives to traditional braces

Want a straighter smile, but not a mouth full of metal? As a patient of Leesburg Family Dental, you don’t need to suffer through months, even years, of traditional orthodontic treatment in order to achieve the smile of your dreams. Read on to learn about the amazing alternatives to traditional braces that we offer.

Clear Aligners

One of the great alternatives to traditional braces is ClearCorrect®. No brackets, no wires, just a set of clear, removable trays that are customized to gradually move your teeth into place. The trays need to be worn for most of the day and night. However, they are removable so that you can eat and take care of your teeth. Over the course of your treatment, the trays will be changed out to encourage movement. You’ll visit our office about every six weeks for a check-up. Aligners are, in many ways, an upgrade from traditional braces. They are easy to wear, completely removable, and practically invisible!

Accelerated Braces

Many of our patients, especially adults who opt for braces, just don’t want to wear them for a year of their life, or even more. That’s where accelerated braces come in. We provide two options: Powerprox Six Month Braces® and Six Months Smiles®. Accelerated braces gently shift your teeth, but they move the teeth quickly, allowing us to perfect your smile in the span of just half a year. An additional benefit? With a clear or natural-colored look, they aren’t as visually obtrusive as traditional metal braces.

smile with braces and smile with straight teeth

Back to Basics

Clear aligners aren’t for everyone. It’s a fact that traditional braces come with a little bit of suffering. They don’t exactly look great while you wear them, and they do limit what you can eat. But there’s a reason so many people go through traditional orthodontic treatment, and it’s because they really do work! Traditional braces can tackle even the most complicated cases, making them a better fit for people with more serious misalignment issues. In addition to metal braces, we also offer ceramic braces, which blend in a bit better with the teeth.

Orthodontics at Leesburg Family Dental

We’ve summed up the options that you have here at Leesburg Family Dental, now it’s time to come on in and see which one will work best for you. We have options available for financing too. You’re just a phone call away from beginning your journey to a perfect smile. What are you waiting for?

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