Root Canal Therapy

in Leesburg, VA

While root canals may seem intimidating, you have nothing to fear. Root canal therapy is a standard procedure that can save a natural tooth and promote excellent oral health. Our skilled team is dedicated to performing stress-free root canal procedures in Leesburg, Virginia!

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Root Canal Therapy 101

A root canal is a natural cavity at the center of a tooth that houses the pulp chamber, a soft area of nerves that, if infected, can cause facial and neck swelling as well as bone loss surrounding the tooth’s roots. A root canal must occur when the nerve center has accumulated decay to save the natural tooth from falling out.

The first thing to know when trying to understand root canals is the symptoms. The symptoms of root canals include: 

    • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures 
    • A cracked or chipped tooth 
    • Swollen gums or tooth discoloration 
    • Severe discomfort or pain while chewing/eating

Knowing the symptoms of a root canal can help let you know when to seek help from a professional to prevent the problem from spreading. 

Once you have come into our Leesburg, Virginia dental office with the symptoms of a root canal, you will need one of our dental professionals to diagnose it and plan therapy. Root canal therapy can be an extensive procedure, but we urge you not to stress or worry because, at Leesburg Family Dental, you are in the best hands. 

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Root Canal Therapy Procedure

To avoid any discomfort during the procedure, Dr. Mualla will administer the anesthetic. Traditionally, root canal procedures would have taken many visits to complete, but due to dental technology and practicing treatments, only one appointment is necessary. 

After the tooth and surrounding area have become completely numbed, Dr. Mualla will begin by examining the tooth and placing a dental dam around it. The dental dam is used to isolate the tooth and keep it dry completely. 

Next, a small opening will be made in the tooth’s crown for Dr. Mualla to access the inner portions. The entire pulp must be removed from the crown and down through the root canals to prevent the natural tooth from falling out. Once all infection has been removed, he will deeply clean and disinfect the tooth to ensure no decay is left. 

Filling the tooth with a biocompatible material and then adhesive cement will ensure that the root canals stay sealed off. Being sealed off prevents any further infection from occurring. 

The last step in the procedure is the placement of a dental crown. Dental crowns are artificial tooth caps that resemble the preexisting natural tooth entirely. Each crown is fabricated to match the size, shape, and shade of all other surrounding teeth. 

Each root canal, on average, takes 60-90 minutes to complete. 

Post Root Canal Therapy 

After your root canal, your tooth has an excellent chance of remaining in your mouth for a lifetime. Experiencing mild to moderate pain after a root canal is entirely normal, and we suggest patients treat the pain with over-the-counter medication. If needed, we will prescribe a more powerful pain reliever. 

We encourage you only to try to eat soft foods following your root canal therapy and only chew on the opposite side of your treated tooth. 

After your procedure, you will schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Mualla so he can evaluate and check on your tooth. Your tooth is at greater risk of becoming fractured during the healing period, so we encourage you to take it easy during the healing period. 

If you have been experiencing some tooth sensitivity and pain, give our office, Leesburg Family Dental, a call to schedule an appointment.