Restorative Dentistry

in Leesburg, VA

When the health or appearance of your smile is compromised, your self-confidence can take a real hit. Missing or broken teeth often make people feel as if the only thing other people notice about them is their aesthetic blemish, and infected teeth are never fun to deal with, either. But thanks to restorative dentistry, we can get your smile back up and running, so you don’t have to miss out on the finer things in life. Don’t wait to feel better about your oral health. Contact one of our friendly team members today to restore your smile!

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Fillings in Leesburg, VA

When you have a cavity or early signs of tooth decay, fillings are used to fill in the space left behind after we remove the decay and prevent any bacteria from causing future infection that could put the tooth at risk. We provide both tooth-colored and silver amalgam fillings here at Leesburg Family Dental. Tooth-colored fillings are made from composite resin and can perfectly match the shade of your natural teeth for a seamlessly blended restoration that is practically unnoticeable. Silver fillings are darker in color and have a slight sheen to them which is why they are most predominantly used to fill in the teeth toward the back of the mouth where they won’t be seen quite as often.

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Crowns in Leesburg, VA

Crowns (often referred to as caps) can be made from a variety of materials but are generally made from porcelain for its close resemblance to the look and feel of natural teeth. Crowns can be placed over an existing tooth to remedy a number of issues including aesthetic problems, fixing bridges in place, supporting a weak tooth, and more. These restorations are customized to your unique smile, allowing the crown to fit comfortably in your bite and returning functionality and beauty back to your teeth.

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Bridges in Leesburg, VA

This type of restoration is used for patients missing a single tooth or multiple teeth. They literally bridge the gap in your smile using a row of prosthetic teeth made of porcelain. While bridges were once placed using metal clasps, modern bridges more often utilize crowns that attach to the teeth on either side of the gap in your grin. The pontic (the false tooth or teeth that fill in the missing space) returns the look of your teeth to its former glory so you can once again enjoy all the benefits of a full smile!

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Full & Partial Dentures in Leesburg, VA

Dentures are oral prostheses that consist of a gum-colored acrylic base with false—but natural-looking—teeth attached. Dentures come in both full and partial options; which one is right for you depends on your unique smile and how many healthy natural teeth you have remaining. Traditional full dentures fit comfortably in the mouth, sometimes requiring the use of a denture adhesive such as Poligrip® to stay in place while partial dentures often rely on strong, natural teeth and metal clasps to stay in place.

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Dental Implants in Leesburg, VA

Dental implants are a revolutionary and long-term way to restore your smile. Utilizing screw-like titanium posts inserted into the jawbone, we can affix crowns, bridges, and even entire dentures. If well cared for, implants can last anywhere from 40 years to the rest of your life. While your crown, bridge, or dentures may need some fine-tuning or even replacement every fifteen years or so, the implants remain a reliable fixture to stabilize your restorations.

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Root Canal Therapy in Leesburg, VA

For patients with infected or severely damaged teeth, root canal therapy can help save your natural tooth and get you relief from any tooth pain you might be experiencing. During this procedure, we gain access to the root canal of your tooth, remove the infected pulp, and treat the canal with antibiotics to rid the site of infection. Then, we’ll replace the pulp with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha and cap your tooth with a crown. Many patients express feelings of near-instantaneous relief from their tooth infection after the procedure is through.

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Tooth Extractions in Leesburg, VA

Here at Leesburg Family Dental, we always do our best to retain your natural teeth, but sometimes the best option for your oral health is a tooth extraction. Whether you need to get some pesky wisdom teeth out, have a tooth so infected or damaged that it’s beyond saving, or any number of other issues, we will always perform gentle extractions with a focus on your comfort and well-being. Your smile is always in good hands when you’re in our care.