What Does a Regular Dental Cleaning Entail?

Cartoon of a woman in the dental chair getting an exam.
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The most common dental appointments that occur at a dental office are routine cleanings and examinations. No matter the state of your oral health, every patient should visit their dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and thorough examination of their teeth, gums, jaw, and throat. Let’s take a look at what a regular dental cleaning looks like at our Leesburg, VA dental office.

The Physical Examination

Your dental appointment will begin with a physical examination of your mouth. Your dental hygienist will ask you if you’ve had any issues you want to address or if you have any questions. Then they’ll take a look around your mouth with a small mirror to check for any signs of gum disease or inflammation. If you’re due for X-rays, your dental hygienist will take care of those for you towards the beginning of your appointment.

Removing Buildup

Plaque and tartar build up in hard-to-reach places of your mouth, even with diligent brushing and flossing. Your dental hygienist will remove any buildup around the gumline using a scaler. This will involve some light scraping. Depending on how much buildup you have, your dental hygienist might recommend you use an electric toothbrush or floss pick for a deeper and more effective clean.

Cleaning & Polish

Next, your hygienist will brush your teeth with a powerful electric toothbrush and professional-grade polishing toothpaste. This toothpaste is gritty in texture and should only be used on your teeth sparingly. Twice a year for your dental cleanings and examinations is totally safe! After that, your hygienist will follow up with a thorough flossing.


To finish off your dental cleaning, your hygienist may administer a fluoride treatment to help ward off any cavity-causing bacteria. This treatment is effective for a few months and will tide you over until your next cleaning. The fluoride treatment usually consists of having a mouthpiece with flavored gel placed over your teeth for just a minute. This is followed up with a fluoride varnish that is applied to your teeth with a brush. You are free to eat and drink immediately after your treatment, since the fluoride hardens to your teeth when it comes in contact with your saliva.

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