The Pros and Cons of Braces Treatment

Braces are often the top-of-mind solution for most people when correcting dental issues. Treatments for braces have come a long way since their inception, now featuring different styles and colors that are much more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional metal braces. But braces are not without their downsides. At Leesburg Family Dental in Leesburg, Virginia, … Continued

How Do I Clean My Clear Aligners?

Leesburg Family Dental offers ClearCorrect as one of our orthodontic options. If you are interested in learning more, schedule a consultation with our staff today! We’ll break down the cost of your treatment so you don’t need to figure out financing alone.

Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Ready for straighter teeth? Read our blog to learn about the many orthodontic options available at Leesburg Family Dental. We offer traditional braces but there are also other options that are faster, more comfortable and less noticeable. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

How to Keep Your Teeth Clean with Metal Braces

Read our blog post for 5 tips to make sure your teeth stay clean, healthy, and strong while wearing metal braces. Our team is here to answer all your oral hygiene questions and to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. Contact us to schedule your biannual cleaning today!